Vincent Literary Editing

Michael Vincent

(323) 834-2003



Vincent Editing provides a streamlined and easy to access menu of editing and proofreading services for student essays and individual authors as well as professional copy editing services for book and magazine authors and publishers.

Each project is evaluated and each service personalized and customized to meet your work’s specific needs. We provide corrective and stylistic services to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service by scrutinizing each project, however brief or complex, into excellence.

When educational credentials are more important than ever, students can use our services to polish their work and be assured that their essay is never marked down for mistakes or typos. Students and individual authors can choose from a selection of services to correct all avoidable technical errors or even to reevaluate and restructure their essay for increased clarity and fluidity.

For larger projects like books and magazines, we offer proofreading and copy editing services at bulk project rates and customize your plan to meet the needs of your project.


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